Breathing new life into forgotten treasures.. seeing the value in deteriorated pieces and offering them to others who will repurpose or reuse them once again.  


41 combined years of passionate collecting, intensive researching and daily purchasing.

About Trade Winds

Anything old and unique is a passion of ours and the joy of pairing a treasured antique with a new owner is more than just rewarding, it's bringing that piece of our history back to life. 

Antiques, Primitives, Farm, Industrial, Native American, Old Advertising, Mid Century Modern, Retro, Factory, Old Iron, Aviation, Nautical, Railroad, Antique Clothing, Millinery, Jewelry, Original Artwork, Pottery, Old Toys, Textiles and more...We can buy a single piece or your entire estate.



Honesty. Integrity. Respect. hear the family stories or meet the interesting people who have grown wise with time, and pass that history on with each piece.   


We see the beauty and usefulness in the unexpected.

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